What We Do

The SAPCC carries out its objectives through various activities including:

  • Organizing various events that promote these objectives including trade missions, networking events, seminars and other related events;
  • Providing relevant information, updates and notifications for entrepreneurs;
  • Participating in trade shows, expos and seminars;
  • Lobbying and advocacy work through its own initiatives and through its membership of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Southern Africa;
  • Engagement with local authorities at national and provincial levels;
  • Engagement with trade and investment organisations, other chambers of commerce, business organizations and advocacy groups;
  • Hosting the SAPCC Annual Business Excellence Awards;
  • Collaborating with and supporting Young Adult Portuguese Society (YAPS).

Membership Benefits

  • Collective advocacy to shape the business environment for members.
  • Business leads and contacts referrals, locally and international.
  • Networking with other members, guests and other institutions
  • Access to other businesses and professionals through our extensive resources
  • Publicity on our Websites and other media
  • Representation at diplomatic and other government levels
  • Discounts at events, fairs, exhibitions, trade missions and products or services from other members, such as travel…
  • Access and facilitation of business contacts, jobs and opportunities for the youth.
  • Student programs to facilitate entry into the job markets and workplace
  • Awards for outstanding businesses and professionals.


Please contact us for additional information, rules, forms or our constitution by emaiiling us on admin@sapcc.co.za